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Keep the doors closed is a little pixelated first person home invasion project finished in a short period of time to test some simple ideas.It will not be developed further. I'm not sure how the performance will be, if you will find any bugs or how long it will take to finish it. Donations will be appreciated.

You are encharged of your uncle's house while the family travels. But strange occurencies are happening in the neighborhood, with blackouts, cut phone lines and reports of home invasions . It's past midnight. The phone is not working right now , but it rings.

Will you answer the phone call?

You are alone in the middle of a blackout , but you have a flashlight. There is something locking the front door from the outside, so you will need to find another way. Find the keys, solve the basic puzzles by collecting the notes your  uncle left around the house, find a place to hide if you hear something nearby ,  keep the doors closed and get out of the house.

Controls (Keyboard and mouse):

W - Walk Forward

A - Walk Left

S - Walk Back

D - Walk Right

Spacebar - Run 

Mouse movement - Turn around/ Look around

Left Mouse button - Interact

Right Mouse button - Crouch

F - Flashlight 

Ctrl - Open Inventory

Alt - Close Inventory

Enter - Controls    

P -  Quit Game/Back to main menu

Esc - Quit Game

Published 6 hours ago
TagsFirst-Person, home-invasion, Horror, pixelated, Sci-fi, Short


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