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Unnerving  is a simple Third- person Survival Horror experience  with pixelated textures and low poly graphics, influenced by pc, psx and ps2 survival horror games of the 90’s/ early 2000’s,  like Alone in the Dark, Resident Evil (1-4) and Silent Hill (Team Silent), as well as 90’s series and movies like The X-Files and Stephen King’s work, among others.

The full version will be short, but with 3 alternate endings (true ending , bad ending, etc.) depending on certain choices and curiosity, will have a few  simple puzzles and more creatures . It is still in development, this is a really short demo version and doesn't exactly match the final product. The final version is a little different , a little more polished and with some bugs fixed. This version is just a test, and some things in this demo version are placeholders (but it is all made by me) and I am aware of some of the issues, but If you find bugs and  performance issues , let me know. 

To start the game, click the ' initialize.exe ' inside the 'DEMO_TEST' folder.

Controls (Only Keyboard):

W, A, S, D  - Movement

Spacebar - Run

E - Interact

F - Flashlight on/off

Shift - Change weapons 

, - Attack/ shoot

. - Auto Aim (close to an enemy)

Ctrl - Open Inventory

Alt - Close Inventory

Enter- Pause Game

I - Enable/Disable Chromatic Filter (disable if you have performance issues)

Esc - Quit Game

April 1, 1996 - Monday

You are David Carter, a 29 year old ordinary man living in your  family home in a small town. Things are quite strange after some events in the town weeks ago. You can no longer stand the lack of information and the isolation. But do you have the guts to face the unknown out there?


* Fixed camera angles and third person camera behind the player (open spaces).

*Tank controls.

*Late PS1/ early PS2 graphics

*Inspired by 90’s/ early 2000’s movies and games. 



*Scarce resources. 


*Foggy, ghostly and dirty atmosphere .

*More creatures (In the full version)

* Puzzles. (In the full version).

*3 different endings(In the full version)

Updated 2 days ago
Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreSurvival, Action
TagsHorror, Sci-fi, Survival Horror


DEMO_TEST_U.zip 272 MB


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Right, this demo is amazing! 

I'd call this a spiritual successor to Silent Hill, like a Silent Hill 1.5!

The style, the aesthetic, the atmosphere, it was all completely spot on! I would fully pay for this game when it is finally released! And I'm definitely going to be looking out for your other work! 10/10 mate

**for anyone having trouble with inspecting items, it doesn't seem to register the E button if you're still moving. So stand still and it should work 100%**

I played this as part of a 3 random horror games, it at the time stamp 15:50 for anyone interested:

Good job

I may have been to harsh, but i had a heck of a time trying to find my way around. 

Hey There! 

Would love to maybe work together, do you have a discord or Facebook, skype or email I can make contact with? 

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Hi. The game is pretty much done. But I appreciate your interest in the project.

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I don't mean to self promo as that is not my intention but I did a play through of your game if you want feed back and see my reception!  MACH!!!

You made an awesome game dude! Keep at it CHIEF!!!


Thank you for playing.

In love with the game. I'm surprised how patient I was to actually finish it considering how I feel about the controls! (I suppose the nostalgia won in me :D) Amazed It's BGE. Thank you for making this and all the best for releasing the full version!

Thank you for playing.

Awesome game! Love the style and ambience! Really fun to play.

Thank you for playing.


Thank you for playing.

While the game sounds and looks nice, I'd appreciate the game more if I wasn't in sonic mode. Is this a common issue? Besides that, game looks good.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

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Hi. Thank you for playing UNNERVING, and thanks for letting me know about the issue. I think this is a problem  related to VSYNC. Maybe try to turn VSYNC on by forcing these settings in your graphics card's drivers. Follow the instructions in this article:


I will check if this is exactly the problem (i'm not sure) and if there is more people with the same issue.

Tips for the players: You can turn on the Flashlight by pressing 'F' anytime.

You can see the controls by pressing 'Enter' (Pause).

After reading the newspaper, find the front door and interact with it. Some things will start to happen around the house.